NFC-L – List Welcome and Basics


Welcome to NFC-L!


NFC-L is an email list (the List) focused on the discussion of the night flight calls of migratory birds.


The primary purpose of the List is to provide an effective electronic forum for experienced birders to discuss the identification of night flight calls of migratory birds, exchange ideas about recording equipment design and setup, disseminate information about active or predicted night flights in your area, and to better understand weather and RADAR data as they relate to patterns of nocturnal bird migration.


Initially, attachments containing limited-sized sound files, photographs, frame-grabs, or other documents to help further the discussion and shared knowledge of nocturnal bird migration will be acceptable and are encouraged. Be advised that attachments can also serve as a mode for spreading infectious computer viruses. Use caution when opening any attachment.


Ultimately, the determination of what is and is not appropriate to discuss on the List, and when a discussion should end, will be made by the Listowner.


List Information and Rules


For additional information and rules of the List, including information about archives and list settings, please visit the following page:


NFC-L – Information and Rules


Subscription Creation


In order to become a subscriber of the List, you must do the following:


  1. Create a new message, addressed to:


  1. Type the following text into the body of the new message:


JOIN “Your Name”


  1. NOTE: The text within the quotation marks is to be replaced with your own first name and your own last name. You must include the quotation marks as a part of the text.


  1. Send your message. Once approved by the Listowner, you will receive a subscription confirmation message.


Subscription Configuration


For specific details on subscription configuration and customization, please visit the following page:


NFC-L – Subscribe, Configuration and Leave


Subscription Removal


In order to remove your email address from the List, you must do the following:


  1. Create a new message, addressed to:


  1. Type the following text into the body of the new message:




  1. NOTE: The message must be sent from the email address which was originally subscribed to the List.


  1. Send your message. You will receive a removal confirmation message shortly.


Posting Messages to the List


In order to contribute a message for all subscribers to read, you must do the following:


1.   Create a new message, addressed to:


2.   Type in a pertinent subject heading.


3.   Type your information into the body of the message. Be sure to identify any necessary location information if this message is geographic-specfic.


4.   As a courtesy, please sign all messages with your name and your location (City and State), if this information is not already included in your signature.


5.   Send your message. Depending upon your subscription configuration, you will receive a copy of your message once it has been distributed.


If you are new to the list, it is generally advised to observe the List activities for a week or more before posting a message. Doing so will allow you to become familiar with how the List is being used.


PLEASE NOTE: This list is in its infancy. Even so, please make sure that your message is appropriate and intended for all subscribers on the List.


Questions, Concerns or Comments


All questions, concerns or comments about the List, must be directed to the current Listowner, Chris Tessaglia-Hymes, at


Please do not post any List-related or subscriber-related issues directly to the List. It is imperative that these be directed to the Listowner, in order to keep the List orderly and flowing smoothly.


If there are any questions specifically about the functioning of the Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) Lyris Server, please contact the Cornell List Manager, at



Enjoy NFC-L and good night listening!




Chris T-H



Listowner, NFC-L
Christopher T. Tessaglia-Hymes