NFC-L – Information and Rules


NFC-L is an email list (the List) focused on the discussion of the night flight calls of migratory birds.


The primary purpose of the List is to provide an effective electronic forum for experienced birders to discuss the identification of night flight calls of migratory birds, exchange ideas about recording equipment design and setup, disseminate information about active or predicted night flights in your area, and to better understand weather and RADAR data as they relate to patterns of nocturnal bird migration.


Initially, attachments containing limited-sized sound files, photographs, frame-grabs, or other documents to help further the discussion and shared knowledge of nocturnal bird migration will be acceptable and are encouraged. Be advised that attachments can also serve as a mode for spreading infectious computer viruses. Use caution when opening any attachment.


Ultimately, the determination of what is and is not appropriate to discuss on the List, and when a discussion should end, will be made by the Listowner.


Subscription and Settings


For basic details on subscribing to or unsubscribing from the List, visit the following welcome page:


NFC-L – Welcome and Basics


For specific details on subscription configuration and customization, please visit the following page:


NFC-L – Subscribe, Configuration and Leave




Cornell University does not currently host an archive of the List. 


Instead, an extensive archive of postings to the List is made available at The Mail Archive.


A slightly less extensive archive of the most recent postings to the List is available at Surfbirds. 

Questions, Concerns or Comments


All questions, concerns or comments about the List, must be directed to the current Listowner, Chris Tessaglia-Hymes, at


Please do not post any List-related or subscriber-related issues directly to the List. It is imperative that these be directed to the Listowner, in order to keep the List orderly and flowing smoothly.


If there are any questions specifically about the functioning of the Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) Lyris Server, please contact the Cornell List Manager, at



Messages and opinions expressed on the List are those of the author and are not necessarily the opinions of Cornell University, its faculty, staff, or students, nor those of the Listowner. The Listowner is not responsible for comments or discussion made outside of the List.

Individual subscription to the List is considered a privilege and may be revoked for non-compliant behavior or posting practices as set forth in the Rules. Except in extreme cases, removal from the List will not take place without the subscriber being given at least one warning.


The Listowner and/or Cornell University reserves the right to make changes and modifications to this List and these disclaimers at any time and for any reason.


List Rules


We’re all here for the same reason – we are intrigued by night flight calls of migratory birds. The subscribers of the List are a very diverse group. There will be varying levels of postings. Please be respectful of each other. Treat your fellow birder as you would like to be treated yourself.


Attachments that will better our understanding of night flight calls and nocturnal migration of birds are encouraged on the List. Be advised that attachments can also serve as a mode for spreading infectious computer viruses. Use caution when opening any attachment. The maximum attachment size, including message content, cannot exceed 950KB.


Commercial, Religious, or Politically Charged Messages as well as any inappropriate or offensive material are prohibited on the List.


Personal or Private Messages should not be sent to the List. Know your destination address before sending out an email.


Replies to Questions posed on the List should only be posted to the List if their content is pertinent or important to all subscribers.  If a subscriber requests information from other subscribers that is not pertinent to the function of the List, and if it is asked of replies to go to the original requestor, do not send those replies to the List. The subscriber who originally posed the question may later compile and post a single email summarizing those replies, as long as they are appropriate to the function of the List.


Flaming or Offensive Messages will not be tolerated.  This means that offensive or inconsiderate replies or posts to the List may result in immediate suspension, and possibly removal, from the List. The Listowner only has limited control over what is posted to the List and how subscribers are using the List.


Pet Birds or Falconry is not to be discussed except as far as these topics directly relate to nocturnal flight calls of migratory birds.


“I Agree, Too!” – The List may expose issues which subscribers may or may not agree with. Subscribers must refrain from posting on that same issue unless they have further insight or information to add to the discussion. A reply of "I agree, too!" must go to the sender of the message, not to the List.


The Delete Key – If a particular aspect of a posting or repeated postings is bothersome to a subscriber, the subscriber should use the delete key, first. If certain postings continue to bother a subscriber, please contact the Listowner. 


Thanks for remaining cognizant of the basic rules of the List and good night-listening!



Chris T-H



Listowner, NFC-L
Christopher T. Tessaglia-Hymes